Veteran's Memorial Wristband

Suicide leaves a lot of unanswered questions. As humans, we subconsciously make an attempt to rationalize inexplicable events. With the growing suicide rate amongst our Service members and Veterans, the Forward March Foundation is dedicated to allocating resources to Active Service members, veterans, and their families to end the war our heroes are facing with Mental Health.

As the demand for alternative medicine steamrolls its way into the United States, the Forward March Foundation will focus on funding accredited psychological rehabilitation case studies in an attempt to better understand the unseen pain of PTSD, Depression, and more.

The challenge we face with suicide prevention, is conveying the pain of family, friends and loved ones to someone who may either, a). influence legislation and funding into programs with no bias towards pharmaceutical companies pushing a pricy pill, or b). Raise awareness to the point of a social uprising.

To support the Forward March Foundation's fight against Veteran Suicide, consider pre-ordering a bracelet today.

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