In the US, 22 Veterans commit suicide every single day as of 2019. That's 1 every 65 minutes. 8030 a year who tragically leave behind families and friends. Unfortunatey due to COVID-19, those numbers by the end of 2020, will be much, much higher. Including our Active duty members, Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than Americans who never served in the military. For female veterans, the risk factor is 2.2 times more likely.

Faced with those tragically staggering numbers, The Forward March Foundation seeks to build a Veterans Creative Facility, through the help of community and company, to change the way we listen, assist, and push our service members to be the best versions of themselves. 


While this is a massive project on its own, we're committed to long term fundraising for research and development for alternative psychological rehabilitation methods for veterans of the Armed Forces. 

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